Attention Ladies: Glute Training for a great bum!


I have alot of girls telling they want to have a bum like my partner, Zuzana’s and my answer is always the same.
You want a bum like that then you need to train glutes like she does.
You want bigger arms you train arms, so you want a firm butt, you need to train it.

Firstly, lets look at the glute muscles.


The muscle fibers in your glutes are half fast twitch, half slow twitch. The glutes have multiple subdivisions and perform multiple roles. They play an integral role in basic movements including hip extension, abduction, external rotation, and posterior and anterior pelvic tilting. Your glutes are also responsible for hip and spine stabilization, posture improvement, and injury reduction in the hamstrings and hip joints.

Here is a list of some  of the exercises that will help to build stronger glutes –

Squat, split squat,  bench step-up, kettlebell swings, hip thrust, glute bridge, barbell glute bridge, sumo squats, Deadlift, Romanian deadlift, stiff-legged deadlift, Cable donkey kickbacks, cable pull-throug, good mornings, flutter kicks,reverse hyperextensions

I asked Zuzana which her 3 favourite exercise for glutes were and they are Lateral Lunge into Curtsey Lunge, Kettlebell Sumo Squats and cable donkey kickbacks.

Now just remember, some of these exercises are not isolated to just your glutes ie Squat and you will be doing this on leg day but if building your butt is important, make sure you throw in some isolation exercises such as barbell glute bridge into your workout too.


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