Healthy Recipes Part 21:Turkey and Broccoli Meatloaf










500g 97% Fat Free Turkey Mince
150g Broccoli – Finely Chopped
150 Zucchini – Finely Chopped
1 onion – Finely Chopped
100g Quick Oats
3 Eggs
2 Gloves of Garlic Chopped
1/2 Cup of Water
Pepper and Salt


Put Vegetables through a food processor and then mix, along with all other ingredients in a large bowl, by hand.
Put mixture in a loaf tin and place in a fan assisted oven for 1 hour on 150 degrees Celcius

Nutritional  Info

Serves 4

1 serving =

284 Calories
19g Carbs
8g Fat
35g Protein


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