Clients Success story

Super proud of this lady right here?
Mel is a living and breathing proof that it can be done. Single mum of two, works full time and absolutely smashing her goals!
Over 5.5kg loss in these pictures – since end of August last year. We’re not doing anything crazy or dieting aggressively. Mel simply does 3-4 resistance training sessions per week and we’ve just recently added 1 -2 walks/runs on top of that. Most importantly she track her nutrition and is very consistent with it all. She focuses on increasing her strength and performing all exercises with a great form.

When we first started working together Mel struggled to perform a body weight lunge, now she does them loaded, deadlifts like a boss and is still getting stronger week by week.

She managed to fit her training and eating regime around her daily routine and made it a part of her lifestyle. I gave her all the “knowhow” but SHE is the one who puts the work in. Every day. Consistently.
How does the saying go? “you can lead a horse to the water…” ??
Super proud of you Mel!
More great things to come your way! ??

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