Steroids shouldn’t be a quick fix for young guys

I felt i needed to write this blog after attending a music festival over here in Australia a few weeks ago.
As a Personal Trainer who is trying to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle i found it quite disturbing the amount of young guys, and when i say young, im talking 18 -25 walking around showing off there physiques which were obviously the makings of alot more than just hard work and good nutrition.
I think the main reason for alot of this is the pressure from the media, either on the internet, or in the vast number of magazines showing guys with ripped muscular physiques. What alot of these young guys don’t take into consideration is that most of these physiques were built over a number of years with a strict nutrition and workout schedule. But what happens is, in an effort to keep up with there mates they all decide to take a cycle of steroids.
This has a number of concerns – firstly, a young guy is naturally producing alot of testosterone until about 30yrs old when levels start to drop so taking these anabolics is messing with there bodys natural testosterone levels and if these cycles aren’t taken properly then they are seriously messing with there bodies which could have adverse affects later on down the line. Throw into the mix any recreational drugs and alcohol and you are putting your body under even more stress and this massive amount of testosterone mixed with alcohol is the reason for so much drink relainterviews with bodybuilders/athletes/ fitness models  who did use steroids they all say there physiqes were a product of hard work, and good ted violence among young males.
If you read any nutrition, the drugs just made them the finished article. So its like just waxing your car after you have serviced it, cleaned it, checked the tyre pressure, changed the oil and brake fluid. just waxing it won’t make it look any good or perform better if all the other things aren’t in place.
I am a firm believer in ‘each to there own’ and if thats what they want to do thats fair enough but in todays society where young people want everything yesterday it is alot more refreshing and inspiring to see some of the younger generation putting in the hard work and the intensity to training and educating themselves on proper nutrition. In the long run, these will be the ones with the better, healthier bodies on the inside and out in the long term.

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