The 365 Workout

Ok, so i know im slightly stealing bits from the infamous 300 workout but why not, its an awesome test of fitness and strength so why not try to elaborate on it. Ok, so here it goes…..

40 Pull Ups
40 Bar Dips
40 hanging Leg Raises
40 Box Jumps (24 inch)
40 Push Ups
40 Dumbell/ Kettlebell Swings(20kg)
40 Clean And Press(10kg- not including bar)
40 Squats(40kg – not including bar)
45 Deadlifts(40kg not including bar)

Total of 365 reps performed with minimal rest(drink of water/throw up) for best time. Make a note of time and next time try and beat your time.
Try this on a weekly basis at same time/day to test for improvement in overall strength, fitness and stamina. If weight noted above is too much, start with lower and put up as weeks go on and strength improvements are made.





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Al Nuttall is the founder and Personal Trainer of Peak Performance 365 based in Cairns, in Far North Queensland. He's a firm believer that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and, as a testament, he lives his life by that philosophy. He will set out achievable goals and develop a plan on how to reach them. Will power and hard work will do the rest. Changing your lifestyle isn’t meant to be easy but the rewards will definitely be worth all the effort in the end. So what are you waiting for? GIve Al a call and start to be the best you can be... everyday!

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