Tinned Tuna – making the right choice…. for our oceans sake…

Getting enough protein in your diet is critical if you want to maintain a lean physique and Tuna is one of the most readily available and cost effective sources that is a staple in most health concious peoples cubboards. But at what cost???

Canned tuna is the biggest selling seafood item in Australia(it’s  canned tuna industry is worth over $300 million a year)

As supermarkets sell more and more of this profitable product, tuna stocks are in a critical condition. Greenpeace is now putting pressure on supermarkets and consumers to take responsibility for this problem. Overfished species such as Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna are ending up on Australian supermarket shelves but Greenpeace is encouraging supermarkets to switch to sustainably caught Skipjack Tuna.

Destructive and illegal fishing activity is one of the most urgent issues facing the Pacific. Nearly every Australian tuna brand refuses to rule out destructive fishing methods. These methods – particularly the use of purse seines with fish aggregation devices (FADs) – are responsible for the widespread destruction of marine life, such as endangered sharks and turtles, as well as juvenile tuna. 5 out of 8 tuna species are threatened or near threatened and the UN predicts that, at current rates, there’ll be no edible fish left by 2050

So you can still build that body but please think about the world we live in . Use the guidlines to the right and aim for line caught skipkjack tuna.

Lets look after our oceans for the generations to come to enjoy!





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