How much exercise do you really need to do to burn last nights alcohol off?

In my early twentys when i was a big drinker, i was very naiive in the way that i believed i could go out and smash 20 beers and a kebab and as long as i got my arse out of bed in the morning and ran for 30 mins i would ‘sweat out’ all the beer from the night before.



As i got older, i became a bit wiser to the impact alcohol has on weight gain(not to mention all the other negative effects it has on the body and minds functions)

Here is a list of a few exercises and how many calories they burn per minute.

golf, walking(slow) – 4 calories per minute
cycling(moderate),aerobics – 7 calories per minute
soccer(competetive),jogging, skipping, weight training – 10 calories per minute


Then lets look at example of a night out for a ((conservative! ))binge drinker.

Lets say they start off with 5 coronas at 148 calories( 740), then 5 pre mixed rum and cokes at 248 calories each(1240)
then the compulsory jaagerbomb or 2 at 219 calories each(438). Then lets say we grab a meat lover pizza from dominos on the way home – coming in at a whopping 1280 calories, including 154 from carbs and 22 from saturated fat.

So lets do the math – 740 + 1240 + 438 + 1280 = 3698 EMPTY calories.

now, lets see if the 30 min jog the following morning will burn it off  – 1 min burns off 10 calories so 370 mins will be needed to burn off  3700 calories.So lets face it, the 30 minute run isn’t even scratching the surface. You would have to run for 6 hours and ten mins!!!!

So when my clients/ friends tell me they would like to lose weight but still want to be able to drink , then thats all good, but be prepared to run a few marathons a week to even come close to burning off all that beer!!!



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