Cairns Residents – Coles vs Woolworths for Value on Healthy Items!!!!


To all you heathy concious Cairns folk, unless you had already worked out this for yourselves i just did a price comparison to see which is better value. First of all these prices are based on the Coles in Cairns Central and Woolworths in the City.

I doubt they will fluctuate that much in the out of town Supermarkets.

I am not going to look at things like vegetables, chicken breast, fish or steak – i feel the prices on these fluctuate from week to week and then you also have the Farmers Market, Rustys and Portsmith butchers that i feel are better options for alot of these things.

So what am i  going to look at – all other items that anyone into there fitness and healthy eating should have in there cupboards/fridges.
winner in bold type

Egg whites                                                    Coles  $6.70(950ml)     Woolworths $5.99(980ml)
Creamed Low Fat Cottage Cheese          Coles  $4.49(500g)        Woolworths $ 3.25(500g)
Tinned Sardines                                          Coles   $0.69                    Woolworths 3 for $1.99
Mackerel                                                        Coles  $2.25(125g)        Woolworths  $1.49(425g)
Olive Oil Spray                                              Coles  $4.49(225g)       Woolworths $5.39(400ml)
Kidney Beans(and other pulses)              Coles $1.10                      Woolworths $0.99

As you can see from just them 6 items, Woolworths is your clear winner, plus another thing in its favour is its Macro range of nuts, seeds and grains is way ahead of anything Coles offer. Its Gluten Free Range is also very impressive .Altogether  a better diversity and better prices.


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