Exercise Tip – Machine Hack Squat

A Great exercise when performed correctly.

To do this exercise properly and get the most out of it ..
1. Keep your head rested against the pad(looking at your feet tends to make you lead through your knees which is what we don’t want.
2. Feet flat on the floor.Lead with your hips and imagine you are trying to touch your your bum on your heels.
3. Reach at least parallel, slightly pause and then drive through your feet back to your starting position.
4.Try to focus on engaging your glutes in this exercise by pushing your knees outwards on both the downward and upward phase.
(Using a band round your knees can help you to focus on this).Using the hip abductor(which we will do a post for later this week) can help you with this glute engagement and improve your Squats.


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