Keys Training Tips To Beating The Beep Test



BEST EXERCISES  – weighted single leg front lunges
weighted single leg side lunges
lateral bounds

ON THE TREADMILL  –  The simplest type of treadmill workout for beep test training would be to set the treadmill to 1% incline (this best mimics the energy demands of running outdoors on the flat) and 8km/hr.  Then each minute on the minute increase the speed by 0.5km/hr. In theory this is exactly the same as the beep test progression, however without the accelerations, decelerations and turns it’s not quite the same.  The training effect is fairly similar though.


You start by running 100 meters at 80 or more % of your maximum speed, then walk 100 meters to recover.
Then run 200 meters at 80+%, then walk 100 meters to recover.
Then run 300 meters at 80+%, then walk 100 meters to recover.
Now run 400 meters at 80% or more of your maximum speed, then walk 100 meters.

In this exercise the rest period remains at 100 meters but the work period increase by 100 meters each interval. To begin with the work/rest ratio is 1/1 but increases to 2/1 then 3/1 then 4/1 making it pretty easy at the start but very hard at the end; just like the beep test. This training activity doesn’t require the beep test audio file.


Once you have the beep test on your ipod or similar you can get started. You start by doing the test and trying to keep up with the beep for as long as possible. Once you get to your maximum and you can no longer keep up  don’t make the mistake of stopping…….

walk for 2 lengths then stop at the cone and wait for the next beep. On the next beep start running again and work as hard as you can to keep up with the beep again. You  need to increase the body’s ability to function at a higher intensity. You can’t afford to rest for too long! You will find that you can probably only do 2 or 3 more lengths before you quickly reach your maximum again. Have a second rest by walking 2 laps then wait for the beep and get back at it for a 3rd time. After reaching your maximum now twice, you may only be able to do 1 or 2 more lengths on your 3rd go before you can do no more but that is fine, you have pushed yourself to the max. Make a note of your times, level and how many extra lengths you did. Then that is your target to beat for next week.
Keep your turns simple, a simple pivot and outstretched leg is alot more effective and energy efficient than full turns as if you are running round a marker. practice your turns in an even smaller smace, say between 5 m distance and do for a few mins.This will get your heart rate up and will be good practice for doing  the full beep test.

As they vary from state to state, job to job, For all different standards required to pass the beep test follow this link

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