3 Key Elements to Success and Reaching Your Goals

To Achieve your goals you need these 3 key Elements  KNOWLEDGE , ENTHUSIASM and BELIEF.

If you have all these you will reach your goals, if one of these is missing your journey may not be as fruitful.

KNOWLEDGE – Having the proper knowledge of  Exercise Technique,Training Splits, Rest Periods and Nutrition is vitally important. There is a wealth of knowledge out there on the internet, in fitness magazines, on programmes like the Biggest Loser and learning tips from these sources will broaden your knowledge base and equip you with new ideas and skills . Employing the services of an exercise professional, be it a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist is a very smart idea as you spend lesss time bluffing your way through the gym without any  direction to your training. It will save you time and help you reach your goals faster.

ENTHUSIASM –  If you are enthusiastic in your approach to training, if you work out at 150%, if you give everything you have got whether it be in your workouts, on cardio days or when it comes to watching your nutrition you WILL acheive. If you make excuses about why you shouldn’t train, put things off until tomorrow, just have 1 more slice of cake, then im sorry, its gonna be a long road.

BELIEF – Putting a picture next to your computer at work of the body you want to have  is all well and good. You have a goal which by keeps reminding you of what you want to acheive everytime you look at it. The downfall is that most people do this but deep inside they don’t believe in themselves, they dont believe they have what it takes to get to that place .If you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect anyone else to?

Tell yourself, I AM GOING TO DO THIS! , keep focused and you will reap the rewards

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