NPBB 2012 Cairns – Great day for the team from Club One Fitness

The NPBB North Queensland Regionals grew in size this year with more competitors, and a few more divisions than last September.
There were more competitors across the whole board with a strong contingent coming from the Angels and Demon’s crew who train at Genesis Fitness.
Last September Club One Fitness had only 1 competitor with Kitae Park competing in the open under 70kg category.
This year the little Korean with tree trunk legs that have to be seen to be believed ,was back in strong form and coming in 10kg heavier than last year to compete in the under 80kg division. Ki managed to place 3rd making it 1 out of 1 in silverware for Club Ones entrants.
Linda Seymour was competing in the womens masters figure and anyone who knows Linda will tell you she is truly inspirational. To be 53, training at the intensity she does, whilst maintaining a full time work schedule for quantas with its funny shift patterns and still looking as fit as she does is remarkable and a true credit to her determination and hard working mindset. She honestly puts most girls that are half her age to shame. Well no surprise then that she won her category . So thats 2 placings out of 2 for Club One.
Next Up was young Tom Andrews, i have known Tom for a few years as i used to share an apartment with his sister so i can remember seeing him as a really skinny schoolkid, but over the last year Tom has been putting the hard yards in in the gym, and thats not easy when you are trying to juggle that with school and all the other complications that teenage life hold for you. To see him, Jessie, Steve and all the other young lads in the gym is very refreshing .For me, a guy who is from England where kids would rather hang around street corners, smoking, causing trouble and being a general nuisance it is great to see these kids caring about there bodies and there health and being interested in proper training and nutrition. Tom looked super impressive onstage and was unlucky to only get second place – he looked super lean and nearly knocked the other 2 guys off stage when he did his front lat spread. Well done Tom, and a special mention to Toms sister  Kim and her boyfriend, Trent who were both entering for the first time .Kim picked up  third place in the bikini section and Trent competed in the Physique section, and he only decided at the last minute to compete so well done to both of them. So with Toms second place that made it 3 trophies out of 3 attempts.
Next up was Zuzana, my girlfriend, in the Sport Model Section. This was Zuzanas first competition and i know how much her training  means to her as we live ,eat, and train together so i’m gonna make this as unbiased as possible!. I think Zuzanas category was really hard to call as both girls looked really good, especially on the pre judging as she seemed a bit nervous, whereas the other girl seemed to have had experience with competing before but Zu has a presence on stage that, along with a confidence that grew as the day went on i think helped her to win, oh, and the great bum and shoulders probably helped aswell!. So a first place for Zuzana making it 4 trophies for Club One.
And finally, myself, I had been eating and training the same as Zuzana since she decided to compete but had not thought about entering until she and a few of my clients said they thought it would be a good idea. As it got closer to the time and i felt i was getting in better condition i thought, why not , lets do it and i am so glad i did, if for nothing else other than the experience of the day, being on stage, knowing all the ins and outs of the contest prep, especially the final weeks of dieting and what actually happens on the day. As my tattoo down my spine says ‘Experience is Priceless’ and it surely is. I entered the Mens Physique category and picked up a 3rd placing which made it 5 trophies out of 5 categories. And i even competed in the couples which i never thought i would have been doing 4 months ago -its amazing what a woman can make you do!
So overall, a great day for me personally, i know Zuzana loved the day too and a great advert for our Gym. Congratulations to all the other competitiors too, for all the hard work they put in in preperation, everyone looked amazing, a great advert for the bodybuilding and fitness industry in FNQ and for Mick and his team for putting the whole thing together, because,without them this wouldn’t be possible , but a special thanks to our team. Awesome work guys, i see the hard work you put in on a day to day basis and it paid off.Lets hope we can expand the Club One team for September, and grab a few more placings.


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