70% Diet 30% Gym

How important is Nutrition to your


The 70/30 ratio of nutrition to workout is something i myself and many collegues believe to be a true percentage breakdown of the importance each plays  in maximizing your results. Also, adequate rest/sleep is essential too.

Any workout schedule is incomplete if you are not incorporating a structured nutritional plan into it.  If you want to maximize the results of your workout program then you must have a sound nutritional balance that goes along with it.  Regardless of your reasons for training, you will not reap the full rewards from your workouts if you are not eating well.

So what is nutrition?

Simply defined nutrition is the process by which we take in and use food for health, growth, and energy.  All foods contain a basic makeup of macronutrients.  These include carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  The body uses these nutrients to function properly.   It takes what it needs from the nutrients you supply it and discards the rest.

When you are performing exercises,  weightlifting for example, your nutritional needs change to meet the demands you are placing on your muscles.  In order for your muscles to grow to their maximum potential and your strength to improve you need to feed your muscles the right balance of macronutrienst so they can effectively repair and recover from the strains you are placing on them.  Without the right foods your body won’t respond as well as you would like it to.  Working out is only a part of the process in building a better body.  Without eating healthy foods you will never achieve your ultimate goal.

So when you ask yourself why is nutrition important you should now know that proper nutrition is absolutely necessary to help your muscles grow and repair from the stresses that are placed on them during a workout.  The right foods can also help your body burn excess and unwanted fat. Consumed in the right ratios and at the right time of day nutrition becomes as important as the workouts themselves.

If it is the nutrition side of things you are struggling with, why not book me for a session to take you on a healthy shopping trip to the supermarket or sit down and talk you through healthy food choices and some great programs for tracking your caloric intake.

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