Hikes/walks/trails in and around Cairns pt 2

The Red Arrow Walk Cairns

The Red Arrow is a short walking track that is used by many each morning and afternoon as a fitness routine. The walk itself is up Mt. Whitfield Conservation Park and in total it is approximately a 1.4 km looping track. There is a parking area on Collins Avenue for those who drive there, however in the late afternoon it is difficult to find a parking spot. One should have a base fitness level before attempting the Red Arrow, as it can be fairly strenuous on the legs and lungs. There are a number of pit stops along the track and there is a nice view at the top overlooking the entrance to Trinity Inlet. For those interested in a quick and interesting adventure that can be completed in less than 45 minutes and offers a great workout the Red Arrow is a must do. It is also a fantastic track to build up a base fitness level if you are planning on taking on other walking/ hiking tracks around the region.

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