Al’s story


Me on the left in July 2009 . Me on the right in Oct 2012 at the NPBB Fitness and Bodybuilding Comp In Cairns.

As you can see from the pictures, I wasn’t always into my fitness. Because of a bad lifestyle and bad eating habits, along within addition to stress due to a long term relationship breaking up. It left me feeling out of sorts with myself both in body and mind. I had always tried to workout. My main downfall was due to lack of knowledge with both nutrition and exercise technique.
After seeing this photo I decided it was my time for change.

I decided to change the life I lived. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and to follow a proper resistance training and cardio schedule. I read alot of books and familiarised myself with various training methods and good nutrition choices. This isn’t  an overnight change. It’s taken a few years but through hard work and good choices i’m living proof it can be done.


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