Personal training

We are now based at Cairns newest state of the art gym. WORLD GYM

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Initial Consultation  – FREE!

We will sit down together and have a casual chat, whether that be at the gym, or out at one of the many cafés in Cairns. We will discuss your goals/aspirations and any concerns you may have about your fitness, along with your previous sporting history and medical history.

We will also fill in any relevant forms and I will give you food diary sheet to take away and fill in before our first Cairns Personal Training session.

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One-on-One Personal Training Cairns

A more individual experience where you will receive the full attention from your trainer as they help and inspire you to reach YOUR personal fitness goals.
We work out of WORLD GYM CAIRNS, at DFO in Mulgrave Rd and sessions will be conducted there(discounted rates apply to PT clients)
Your first Cairns Personal Traning session will include a comprehensive fitness assessment where we will, among other things record your BMI, Girth Measurements, Weight, Blood Pressure and Body Fat Analysis. Based on these results, along with information given regarding medical history and previous sporting experience, a personalised training and nutrition program will be developed that we can easily incorporate into your working/daily schedule and will give you achievable short term and long term goals. Your program will include tasks to complete outside your 1 on 1 sessions.

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in Couples

Train with a friend, partner or colleague. Use that extra motivation and push each other to the next level. These Personal Training sessions will really bring out the competitive spirit in you!


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 10 week Lean Body Bootcamp Challengebootcamp-054

10 week Cairns Outdoor bootcamp  challenge start Every Month. These  Cairns Outdoor Bootcamp sessions will be a mixture of running  drills, bodyweight exercises and functional exercises using kettlebells,  tyres, medicine balls, bulgarian bags, ropes, sledgehammers, truck tyres. You certainly won’t get bored of our training sessions! If you want a tough workout that will improve both your strength, agility and cardio fitness, as well as have fun, then these Cairns Outdoor Bootcamp sessions are for you. Also included is before and after pictures,  before and after weight and body fat test and all nutrition booklets, guidelines, shopping lists, guidelines for online food diary, info and printoffs to help you get the maximum out of the 10 week course.

Contact us now for full details and to book your place as numbers will be limited to 20.

Outdoor Group Training

Want to train with a few mates or colleagues? – Then Group training is for you. For a start its more cost effective and you have that extra motivation and encouragement. We will tailor make a program to suit the group, no matter what experience. A basic fitness test will be conducted before the commencement of your Cairns Personal training session .

Price depends on number of people. The bigger the group, the cheaper the price.

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Children/Older Adults

You are never too old or too young to get in shape. We can design programs for people of all ages and experiences , plus we can come to you and train at your home if you want.

Metafit Classes

Metafit is unlike any other class you have done before – a 30 min brutal HIIT training session. If you are pressed for time, this is the class for you.

By far one of the Best High Intensity Group Training Sessions in Cairns

Cairns Corporate Fitness Training

Do you want to show your employees that you care about their wellbeing and want to help them to live a more active and healthy life? Do you want to improve teamwork and morale, motivate and hold onto good staff and through all this increase productivity? Do you want to set an example to other Cairns businesses that you care about the well being of your staff and their health  and fitness?

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Health & Fitness Assessment

Includes Blood Pressure, Fitness Testing, Girth Measurements, Muscular Endurance, BMI and Body Composition Anyalysis.


Individual Training Program

Just want a program devised to train on your own? We can develop a personalised cardio/resistancePrograms to suit your needs and training environment.


Bikini/ Mens Physique Posing Workshops

Thinking of Competing in Fitness/ Bikini Divisions but want to polish up your presentation and shine on stage. Get tips and mentoring  from Local and NQ Champions and IFBB competitors. We are available for 1 0n 1 posing sessions or group sessions.

Myfitnesspal Macro Counting Tutorial and Healthy Choice Supermarket Visit

So you put the hard work into your training but are really struggling when it comes to correct nutrition. We will sit down and customise a nutrition plan together taking into considerations any prefererences, dislikes and allergies. If you are looking to feel great, have the energy to train hard and look lean and defined then this is probably the best  money you will ever spend. You will be given a suggested meal plan based on your  calculated macro breakdown and will be shown how to use an online food diary to track your calorie intake more efficiently for optimal body recomposition.This in turn  will help you reach your goals and maximise your potential.We will also take you to the supermarket to show you what aisles to avoid, show you healthier options and bargains and introduce you to some of the superfoods you may be missing out on.

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1 0n 1 Training  $75 per 1 hour session(or $700 for 10 sessions paid upfront )
1 on 1 Training   $ 40 per 30 min session
Couples  $90 per 1 hour session
10 week challenge $399 for 30 sessions
Personalised Workout Plan $100 – includes 1 hr session to show correct technique
Personalised Workout and Nutrition Plan  $200 – includes all measurements, 1 hour nutrition session showing how to count macronutrients and 2 hour to go through actual workout

Group/ Corporate Training – price depends on the size of the group
Posing workshop – email for prices