The Benefits Of A Corporate Fitness Program

The Benefits of a Corporate Fitness Program

Reduce Absenteeism

Data collected by the Australian bureau of statistics shows that absenteeism costs Australian employers billions of dollars each year. Another study by Medibank Private found that unhealthy employees take nine times more sick leave than healthy employees. This can cause many problems including

1.Cost of hiring a temporary replacement worker
2.Delays in project completion
3.Co-workers having to take on extra responsibilities
4.Ineffectiveness of a temporary replacement

Reduce Presenteeism

Presenteeism –  employees may be turning up for work each day but their performance may be effected by a range of physical and mental health problems. It is estimated that presenteeism costs companies up to four times as much as absenteeism through loss of productivity on the job.(As much as six working days per employee per year).

inactivity can reduce productivity by 7%,
excessive alcohol consumption by 4%,
smoking by 10%,
stress by 13%,
neck and back pain by 20%
lack of sleep 30% per employee.

On the flipside statistics showed that companies effectively running corporate wellness programs had 2.5 times improved employee performance, 8 times higher employee engagement and 3.5 times higher creativity and innovation on the job.

The Benefits Of An Effective Program

1.Employees that are ‘health aware’ and are proactive in maintaining their health and wellbeing.
2.creation of employee ownership over their personal health
3.reduction in accidents and injuries, which assists in reducing workers compensation claims
4.identification of ‘at risk’ employees and the ability to be proactive rather than reactive to workplace health issues that arise
5.improvement in presenteeism, absenteeism and productivity levels
6.improved morale and staff/management relations
7.A corporate fitness program lets employees know that management cares. It sends a positive message to your workers.
8.Tax benefits for the employer.
9.Increased confidence and healthier lifestyle for all employees

If you decide a Corporate fitness program is for you or you think your workplace should offer it, give me a call on 0409 610443 and lets start putting a plan together.

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