Turning Back The Clock

I don’t know about anyone else but i myself am a massive fan of the BIGGEST LOSER on TV at the moment.
Coming from the fitness industry it is good to pick up tips along the way and also to see how other Personal Trainers get their results.
I think the most dramatic and jaw dropping moments in the show are after the guests have been eliminated and they have the meeting with the doctor, and he takes them into the kitchen to show them just how much junk food they were consuming in a week.
This is also when they are given a reevaluated biological age test.
On last nights(1/5) show, Margie a 34yr old woman who had been given a biological age of 44 at the beginning of the show had a new bio reading of 29 – not only did she gain the 10yrs back she lost, she also gained an extra 5 years to love and experience, travel and embrace. Then Alex a 50 yr old who was given a bio reading of 71yrs at the start of the show – pretty much a pensioner!, managed to get his bio reading back to 54. This guy reclaimed 17 years of his life!
If you are one of the people out there who  needs a bit of inspiration , if that isn”t it, then i don’t know what is!.Think of how much more living Alex can now do with them 17 years, and thats all down to training hard for the last 10 weeks and controlling his nutrition.
Well done to these guys and anyone else out there who has done the hard yards and took control of their lives again and reclaimed them precious lost years. In a country where 60% of the people are overweight you are in a minority and should be proud of yourselves. Lets try and encourage others to join on and put a stop to this obesity epedemic!

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