Believe In Yourself And You Can Do It!











Me on the left in August 2008. Me on the right in  Dec 2011.

As you can see from the above pictures I wasn’t always into my fitness, a bad lifestyle and bad eating habits, along with the stress of a long term relationship breaking up left me feeling out of sorts with myself both in body and mind. I had alway tried to workout but bad nutrition, not knowing how to perform exercises correctly and the fact that my schedule was rather erratic, with the lifestyle i had adopted meant that i was never getting the results I was after. After seeing this photo i decided it was my time for change.

The decision i made was to change the life I lived, adopt a healthier lifestyle and to follow a proper resistance training and cardio schedule. I read alot of books and familiarised myself with various training methods and good nutrition choices. This isn’t  an overnight change as you can see, it’s taken a few years but through hard work and good choices i’m living proof it can be done, no photoshop here!

If you decide that this is going to be your year of change then why not give me a call and take all the guesswork out of training.

As your Personal Trainer I will create you a schedule specific to your personal goals, show you a variety of different training methods and how to perform them properly, I will advise you on good nutritional choices and will be there to work along side you all the way!

If your New Year’s resolution is to get the physique you always wanted why not give me a call and let’s make this dream a reality together.


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