4 Upper Body Exercises to avoid in the Gym to stay injury free

Behind-The-Neck Lat Pull Down

Behind-the-neck lat pull downs create a great deal of stress on the shoulder capsule, move the spine out of proper alignment and can be less effective than doing a pull down to the chest.

Behind-the-Neck  Shoulder Presses

Regular barbell overhead presses are an effective exercise for strengthening your shoulders, triceps and core muscles, but doing this exercise behind the neck can be counterproductive. Pressing the bar from behind your neck places significant stress on your rotator cuffs, the delicate group of muscles that support the shoulder joint, and may lead to a tear or impingement.Instead, use dumbbells for an overhead press and keep them in line with the body.

Wide Handled  Pec Fly Machine

The pec fly is a staple in many gym routines — it’s easy to set up and use, and requires little effort to perform. The problem arises, however, when you try to use too much weight or an increased range of motion, as this can cause stress on your shoulder joints.


Behind-the-Neck Pull Ups

Just like behind-the-neck presses, doing pull ups in this manner puts your shoulder joint in a vulnerable position and makes you force your head and neck forward, which can put undue pressure on your cervical vertebrae. Not only are behind-the-neck pull ups potentially dangerous, but they are also ineffective, as your range of motion is reduced, meaning you won’t be able to do as many repetitions.


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